January 27th, 2016

Joyce Savitz and friendsYoga Therapeutics and the Body Rolling for EVERY BODY
Date: September 24 & 25

Location: JacksonvilleYoga.com (249-1111)
Massage Therapists (NCBTMB) and Yoga Teachers (Yoga Alliance) earn 12 Live CEU’s  Also, great for serious students of yoga as well as beginner!  Enhances your practice as well as everyday living!!
9:30-12:30 Feet, Shins, Ankles, Calves
2:00-5:00 – Upper thighs, Hips, Pelvis, Lower Back
9:30 AM-12:30 Shoulders, Ribs, Upper Body
2:00-5:00 PM Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Fingers, review, and restorative yoga

save $150 if you sign up for a 10-week series at jacksonvilleyoga.com until September 20.

All of this workshop will be taught by Joyce Savitz. Joyce has been involved with Yoga since 1976 and a massage therapist since 1984. This course has been very popular in that it teaches people how to take care of themselves as well as help others. Yoga therapeutics teaches you the action that is required that will help your body stay healthy and strong. The moves are very simple and easy for any body to do. It enhances your yoga practice due to the breakdown and the precision that is learned. The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment program that teaches you to hydrate the connective tissue. When the connective tissue is dehydrated, the body starts to let you know there is a problem with prepaid signals (digestion, lack of sleep, physical aches). If these signals are not treated, more chronic pain sets in. Come learn to stay healthy, mobile and happy as you age.
Cost for the entire workshop is $250 (Cost goes up $50 after September 20)
One day only: $135 (goes up $20 after September 20)
One Session only: $75 (goes up to $90 after September 20)
For students current enrolled in a series, cost is only $100 for the entire series until 9/20.

Name:_________________________________ email: __________________________
please mail your check to Joyce Savitz, 476 10th Ave. S, Jax Beach, 32250
THE VENUE IS LOCATED AT 391 Third Ave. South, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Joyce Savitz demonstrating MELT Method on rollerNEW CLASS on Monday’s at 5

 MELT on Yoga. Cost is only $130 for 10 week series.

(Must have done previous MELT classes or private session with Joyce-not for the beginner MELTer)


MELT Method Neuro-Strength on Friday at 10am

   Take your MELT practice to the next level.

We are the ONLY studio in Jacksonville that offers this class!

  Please RSVP


Corrective Exercise Training.For pain relief, find out what needs to be massaged, stretched, strengthened and integrated with Joyce Savitz.

Joyce has been certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. Jacksonville Yoga now offers Corrective Exercise Training; learn therapeutic exercises you can perform on your own, or sign up for private classes with Joyce.

Read more about this helpful new Corrective Exercise Training.

Contact Jacksonville Yoga today 904.635.6762 to find out more!

Are you tired of crowded, hot Yoga classes??  Join us!  We believe in keeping the room cool and our classes are small so that you get individual attention.  We believe in QUALITY!!  You WILL see and FEEL the difference!

Rehydrate your connective tissue with MELT Method at Jacksonville YogaUsing genuine MELT Method products will assure you get the best result with MELT techniques.

Visit our Jacksonville Yoga MELT Products and MELT Method Instructor Training page to order you MELT products!

And if you are inspired to become a certified MELT instructor like Joyce, to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to share these mind and body healing techniques with others, we are happy for you.

Visit our Jacksonville Yoga MELT Products and MELT Method Instructor Training page to get started!

Jacksonville Yoga 10 Year Anniversary CelebrationJacksonville Yoga celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

We all enjoyed listening to Ajamu play 3 different instruments, our Saturday Night Drumming group performed for the first time, lots of prizes were won and just a wonderful experience for everyone there.

It was a very special time for our community.

Thank you for all that participated!

MELT Neuro-Strength on Friday’s  at 10am.  Come and learn how to change your compensatory patterns and feel great!

MELT method for health at Jacksonville Yoga

  • Participants, using specialized equipment such as soft body rollers and small balls will be led through a series of easy, precise techniques, each designed to hydrate the connective tissue.
  • Through practice, expect to reduce aches and pains, wrinkles and cellulite, tension, headaches and the risk of injury while improving flexibility and mobility, posture, sleep, digestion and overall well-being.
  • We will also be doing some strength moves that help to re-pattern some of the compensatory patterns.

Contact Joyce to sign up!

Joyce performing a headstand backdrop NEW Video – Joyce performs an elegant Handstand Backdrop in the Jacksonville Yoga Studio.

Just watch!


MELT back relief with a soft rollerNew classes forming in September!

Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga to sign up today! (Walk ins please RSVP)

Any questions about MELT? – Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

Jacksonville Yoga ClassWe have so many wonderful MELT and YOGA classes, Please check our Jacksonville Yoga Class Schedule page to see them all.  Combine MELT and Yoga and feel your yoga transform in one hour!!

Do you have questions about getting started in Yoga or MELT? – Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

MELT Length and Strength

Join us and find out how to relieve pain and look and feel better.

Any questions about MELT? – Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

Have you seen our Jacksonville Yoga Blog?

Joyce Savitz - handstand at the Beach

Jacksonville Yoga helps people from all walks of life to experience how powerful yoga can be to improve quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually without fear or pain.

Joyce Savitz  is the only certified Anusara Yoga teacher in north Florida and is one of Jacksonville’s best-trained experts.

She is the instructor people come to when they are looking for experienced, consistent, reliable yoga instruction. Joyce  is a E-RYT500 so she not only offers workshops and classes for students but for teachers as well.  Classes with Joyce can earn credit hours for teachers in Anusara and Yoga Alliance as well as Massage Therapists. This is the place to come when you are seeking a true mind, body, and spiritual class.

A symbol of relaxation - a flower floating in waterAnusara Yoga means “open to grace, follow your heart”. Joyce Savitz is helping more people to higher levels of emotional and spiritual development and freeing them from pain!   To learn more about Anusara Yoga, you can read more at  www.AnusaraYoga.com

Joyce has THREE Yoga DVDs for sale: Beginning Yoga Stretches is a 30 minute Yoga DVD that will help with upper back and lower back pain. All levels of students enjoy this Yoga DVD as a way to practice at home. The second Yoga DVD is Transformational Yoga through Hip Openers and Twists. This is also a 30-minute Yoga DVD that is a little more advanced.  Many athletes that run, bike, and/or swim find this Yoga DVD to be very beneficial as well as people who have pain from tightness in their lower back. See a sample of each of these Yoga DVDs by Joyce Savitz. The third yoga DVD has just been produced.  Yoga with a Chair is great for all levels and uses a chair as a prop to help get deeper in a poses as well as help those that may feel more comfortable having a chair to help with balance.

MELT method for health at Jacksonville YogaJoyce Savitz is the most experienced Certified MELT Method Teacher in North Florida .

Now Joyce enjoys helping other people each week to learn how to look and feel better with MELT. Joyce is very pleased to have been able to teach many people in the Jacksonville area the MELT Method to improve their sleep, breathing, digestion, energy level, and achieve an improved feeling of overall well being. MELT also helps to re-hydrate connective tissue, enhance body awareness, and quiet nervous systems.

Joyce Savitz is also a licensed massage therapist and offers her massage therapy services including: ETPS, Swedish, Cranial Sacral, and Deep Tissue.

Serving Jacksonville area: whether it’s Jax Beach, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, or Baymeadows, it’s all Jacksonville Yoga (including zip codes 32250, 32082, 32233, 32224, 32225, and 32266). Read more about Joyce Savitz and JacksonvilleYoga.


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